Colossal and captivating creatures

Colossal and captivating creatures

At Flourish Aquarium, monster fish and oddball specimens are a staple of our trade and a crowd favorite. We carry everything from stingrays to Indo tigers to monstrous alligator gars.

Some specimens are active and aggressive species best kept alone as the centerpiece to their own realm. Others are imposing but peaceful additions to community aquariums featuring other monster fish or large cichlids. 

We are well known for our stingrays, which are some of the highest quality specimens in the GTA. We currently carry several variations of the ever-popular diamondback ray. In the past, we have sold pearl rays (regular and albino), motoro rays and the otherworldly tiger rays. 

A few examples of monster and oddball fish we currently carry are:
-Platinum alligator gars
-Diamondback stingrays (regular and superwhite)
-Indo tigers
-Serrasalmus piranhas

Come visit our store in person to witness the beauty of our monster collection in person!